Grammont Sélection 6

Schweizer Uraufführungen aus dem Jahr 2012


CD 1: Eric Gaudibert (1936-2012): Gong pour piano concertant et ensemble; Michael Pelzel (*1978): ...vers le vent...; Nadir Vassena (*1970): D’oltremare; Thomas Kessler (*1937): Flüchtige Gesänge nach Gedichten von Sarah Kirsch; CD 2: Michael Jarrell (*1958): Nachlese Vb; Bettina Skrzypczak (*1962): ...e subito parlando; Martin Jaggi (*1978): Gharra; Hermann Meier (*1906-2002): Requiem


Swiss world premières of 2012 - Eight works from three of Switzerland's linguistic regions, a colourful juxtaposition of diverse aesthetic approaches and several world-famous performers alongside ambitous up-and-coming musicians - all this is to be found in this edition of the CD series "Grammont Sélection", the sixth since its conception in 2007. Whereas each of the previous editions bore the more or less individual imprint of an individual curator, a different strategy was chosen for 2012: for the first time, the Communauté de travail pour la diffusion de la musique suisse (the Consortium for the promotion of Swiss Music", comprising the Swiss Musicians' Association, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, SUISA, the SUISA Music Foundation; Swiss Radio and TV and the Migros Culture Percentage) was itself responsible for choosing the works to be included.


Diverse Komponisten


Namascae Lemanic Modern Ensemble & Ensemble Contemporain de l

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