Grammont Sélection 8

Schweizer Uraufführungen 2014


CD 1: Alessio Sabella: Hispericum, ex libro monstrorum de diversis generibus; Urs Peter Schneider: Amen III; Ricardo Eizirik: Trial and Error; Blaise Ubaldini: À la nuit; Dieter Ammann: Le réseau des reprises; CD 2: Michael Jarrell: Reflets; Victor Cordero: Metanoia; Max E. Keller: wachen und welken; Laurent Mettraux: Symphonie de chambre; John Menoud: Chair d


The Grammont “Sélections” of the past seven years have never really given an impression of homogeneity. Only to a limited extent were they able to define any kind of “typical” Swiss style. Eighty years ago there still existed what seemed to be some kind of common aesthetic direction in Swiss music, and even just twenty years ago composers seemed to have at least a comparable approach to how they thought about music. But today there is a myriad of different approaches, as is perhaps fitting for the 2010s. What is certainly interesting about our selection here is that little is discernible of the dominant trends of our time, such as the “concept music” (a kind of discursive composition) that seems particularly at home in Germany, or the “saturism” that is current in France. All the same, there are traces of outside influences in Swiss music, just as Swiss composers exert an influence beyond their own borders. A “Sélection” in the end is simply a selection. What does seem clear this year, however, is that Switzerland is a country of immigration. Since its music academies established themselves among the important players on the new music scene, students from everywhere have been flocking to study with the big-name professors here. And they often remain here after their studies, too. Just as the older generation of comoposers does not have any unified style, nor do their students offer us a homogenous picture. No, more than ever, their works all require a different approach and for us to listen to them after their own fashion.


Alessio Sabella (*1977); Urs Peter Schneider (*1939); Ricardo Eizirik (*1985); Blaise Ubaldini (*1979); Dieter Ammann (*1962); Michael Jarrell (*1958); Victor Cordero (*1971); Max E. Keller (*1947); Laurent Mettraux (*1970); John Menoud (*1976).


Ensemble Vortex; Sinfonieorchester Biel Solothurn; Collegium Novum Zürich; Ensemble intercontemporain; Sinfonieorchester Münster; Enseble Vocal la Sestina; Ensemble Aventure; Ensemble Contemporain de l

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