Däichwou - Neue Volksmusik für Hanottere, Zither und andere Raritäten


Sot da Crusch; Walzer ir Nacht; Menuett / Go on!; Uf der Lüdere; Ein Januarabend; Däichwou; Schybegütsch-Walzer; Innerschwyzer Horner; Larrys Farewell to Music; Bim Lychlöf; Trachselwaldner Kuhreihen Muotataler Polka; Ä gäbigi Polka; Sommerrast; Ämmitaler Hackbrättmärschli; Bim Türmli; Ein Spaziergang; Der erste Schnee; La Youtze du Lac Noir Blackberry Blossom


New folk music for hanottere, zithers and other rarities - The Ensemble Hanottere was founded in 2007 and has already recorded one CD (2009). Lorenz Mühlemann and Thomas Keller are both multi-instrumentalists and between them they have decades of experience in folk music. Both are enthusiastic about old and new Swiss music from the countryside, about folk music from the Alpine regions and about music from far beyond. The diverse tone colours of rare instruments enchant them time and again. The spectrum of music that results ranges from poetic, concertante pieces to cheerfully pulsating dance music, all offered in the most varied instrumental combinations. They like to combine the traditional with the experimental, the old with the new, composition with improvisation, and together with their musician friends they seek a form of expression that is all their own. Their special focus is on the hanottere (a neck cittern from the Emmental) and the zither (the chord zither, the violin zither and others) - thus instruments that have hitherto not been heard on the new folk music scene and that have for decades been almost forgotten by the broader public.


Diverse Komponisten


Lorenz Mühlemann: Akkordzither, Violinzither, Hackbrett, Ducimer, Concertina, Gitarre, Harmonium, Tenorhorn, Thomas Keller: Hanottere, Krienser Halszither, Häxeschit, Mugyge, Gitarre, Handorgel, Christoph Greuter: Gitarre, Stephan Lehmann: Tabla, Bodhran, Darubuka, Cajon, Gesang, Anton Brüschweiler: E-Bass.

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