Hans Georg Nägeli

Verleger und Komponist


Hans Georg Nägeli (1773-1836) Toccata Nr. 1 f-moll für Klavier; Muzio Clementi (1752-1832) Klaviersonate fis-moll, op. 25,5; Johann Baptist Cramer (1771-1858) Klaviersonate Nr. 2 G-Dur; Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Klaviersonate Es-Dur, op. 31,3; Daniel Gottlieb Steibelt (1765-1823) Klaviersonate Nr. 2 E-Dur


A publisher, music educator, composer, journalist, poet and politician. Without overstatement, we can certainly describe Hans Georg Nägeli (1773-1836) as one of the most versatile, significant figures in Swiss intellectual life in the early 19th century. The manner in which Beethoven customarily addressed him in his letters speaks for Nägeli's local and, indeed, European fame: 'To H. v. Nägeli Esquire, the very famous composer and scholar in Zurich'. The present CD documents the contribution that Nägeli the music publisher made to the piano music repertoire of his time. The series 'Zuric, chez Jean George Naigueli' rapidly became well-known. With Beethoven's three piano sonatas op. 31, Nägeli had succeeded in presenting to the public the first edition of a famous name. To close his publishing enterprise in 1808, Nägeli printed twelve toccatas of his own for piano, dedicating them to the composers of the 'Répertoire'. This paid a suitable tribute to his composers, but also served as a manifest tribute to his own work as a publisher.


Nägeli Hans Georg (1773-1836)


Hiroko Sakagami, Klavier

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