Hans Huber

Klavierquintett Nr. 1 g-Moll, op. 111; Klavierquartett Nr. 2 E-Dur "Waldlieder", op. 117


Quintett Nr. 1 für zwei Violinen, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier g-Moll, op. 111; Quartett für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier E-Dur "Waldlieder", op. 117


When the Swiss Musicians' Association (SMA) was founded in 1900, no other musician was as much at the centre of attention at its festival concerts in Zurich than the composer, pianist and music educator Hans Huber, who at the time was a resident of Basle. His conducting of the Basle symphony concerts and of the Basle Choral Society from 1899 to 1902 secured his high reputation. But just a few years after his death, the composer Hans Huber was all but forgotten. In recent times, it has been primarily the Swiss piano duos Dominique Derron/Pius Urech, and Adrienne Soos/Ivo Haag who have carried out sterling work for the dissemination of his varied oeuvre for piano duet. Even though Huber was particularly prolific in this field, the present CD is the first to feature only chamber music by him.


Hans Huber (1852-1921)


Aura Quartett, Antonio Nunez, Violine, Roger Pyne, Violine, Christian Vaucher, Viola, Conrad Wyss, Violoncello, Hans Joerg Fink, Klavier.

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