Heiri Känzig Quintet featuring Michael Zisman & Matthieu Michel

Paris - Buenos Aires


agua tinta (michael zisman); dusty pampa ride (heiri känzig); between the times (heiri känzig); journey home (urs bollhalder); paris - buenos aires (heiri känzig); early snow (heiri känzig); winged creature’s delight (urs bollhalder); blue fairy (matthieu michel); children’s five (heiri känzig); niskayuna (heiri känzig)


Four years ago, the first CD of "Buenos Aires" was released, and Heiri Känzig had written all the pieces on it. The present album unites music by all the participants. After innumerable concerts, the group formed a common identity - a sound that also forms a proper whole when the individual pieces are by different people. At the same time, "Buenos Aires" was Heiri Känzig's idea, and the music of "Buenos Aires" is a statement by an artist who sees himself as a jazz musician, but who is possessed of broad horizons and who holds sway over them. This is music that draws from many traditions and unites different cultures together, and that thanks to its mellifluousness, its beauty and poetry can speak to many people. Music that is at times so unearthly beautiful that it makes you weak at the knees!


Michael Zisman, Heiri Känzig, Urs Bollhalder, Matthieu Michel); children


Heiri Känzig Quintet: Michael Zisman, Bandoneon, Matthieu Michel, Flügelhorn, Urs Bollhalder, Klavier, Lionel Friedli, Schlagzeug, Heiri Känzig, Kontrabass.

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