Herbie Kopf SWILIT



Duality; Schlendrian; Ciutat Gaudi; Curonian Submarine; Birch Tones; Emergency Call; Carmina Nopoletana; Dreist


The Zurich-born electric bass player and composer Herbie Kopf turned 50 years old in 2012. Together with his fellow musicians from Switzerland and Lithuania - that's the reason, by the way, for their name SWILIT - he serves up exciting music on this new CD, Dreist. There are catchy tunes a-plenty here, sophisticated grooves, subtle compositions and sensitive arrangements, and there's intimate interplay and intellectual depth. Kopf's themes are long and involved, at times even gruelling - but afterwards one is usually rewarded by extended, groovy solos that are in part underlain by modal cord structures. Herbie Kopf does not just pluck repetitive bass patterns. No, in accordance with his overall musical creed, his flowing bass lines often mark an important counterpoint in the melodic, contrapunctual development of the whole ensemble and their music. Besides his compositional brilliance to which we have already alluded, it is Kopf's sound on the bass and his exceptionally melodic soli that definitively make of him the bass player most easily recognizable in Switzerland.


Herbie Kopf SWILIT


Mindaugas Vadoklis, Trompete, Flügelhorn, Reto Suhner, Alt-Saxophon, Alt-Klarinette, Alt-Flöte, Dmitrij Golovanov, Klavier, E-Piano, Herbie Kopf, E-Bass, Marijus Aleksa, Schlagzeug.

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