Hermann Suter / Werner Wehrli

Sinfonie d-Moll op. 17 / Chilbizite


Hermann Suter: Sinfonie d-Moll op. 17; Werner Wehrli: Chilbizite für Orchester


Although a generation divided them, the composers Hermann Suter and Werner Wehrli were united by numerous commonalities beyond the shared canton of their birth, Aargau. Werner Wehrli completed his training as a composer in 1917/1918 under Hermann Suter in Basel. Both of them had studied in Germany, both had their most important works published by Hug & Co. in Zurich from 1920 onwards, and both were active as a conductor. They regularly made use of Swiss folk songs in their music, and their large-scale choral works made a significant contribution to the development of modern Swiss music. The present CD is a project of the orchestra's jubilee season 2012/2013, when ASO celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Hermann Suter (1870-1926) / Werner Wehrli (1892-1944)


Aargauer Symphonie Orchester, Douglas Bostock, Leitung.

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