Im Öpfel schloft en Baum

E Gschicht vom Linard Bardill mit Musig us der Schwiiz


Im Krischtallpallast; Der Tanz vo der Berglüt; Ds Geburtstagslied für d'Anschalain; Zwüscherüef; Ufbruch; Flug uf em Drache; Uf em Polizeiposchte; Ds Lied vom Spiilmann; D'Anschalain träumt; I han en Öpfel funde; D'Stadt am See; Stroosemusig; Übigskeller; Tourne; Der Conradi; Ds Lied vom Spiilmann; Us em Chäre chym der Baum; Ufwache zum Glück; Hochziit; Das rotbaggig Lied


As the producer of a CD series that is largely devoted to releasing music removed from the mainstream, the record label Musiques Suisses constantly thinks about how to bring its treasures - some of them magnificent pieces of music - to a broader audience, also to a younger audience. Then came the idea of letting a storyteller beloved by children and parents alike - such as Linard Bardill - take samples from our comprehensive CD series, all of it devoted to Swiss music, and use them to tell a story. "I hope that many children, large and small, will enjoy this: the story of Anschalain, the secret of the red apple and the exuberant wealth of music from Switzerland" (Linard Bardill).


Various composers


Linard Bardill, Geschichtenerzähler.

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