János Tamás



Musik in der Dämmerung (1979); Nicht Tag, nicht Nacht ... (1990); Klarinettenquartett (1960); Streichquartett (1963)


The music world was hardly aware of whom it had lost when Janos Tamas committed suicide in November 1995. He had been born in Hungary, had lived in Switzerland since 1955, and had developed a varied field of activity, working as a composer, conductor, pianist and teacher. He was highly regarded by his circle of friends, students and admirers. The four chamber works that are recorded here date from three different decades in Tamas's artistic career, and offer proof of the increasing depth of emotional content in his music over the years. And yet, even the first movement of his early Clarinet Quartet (1960) surprises us with its courageous 'deconstruction' of Classical sonata form, to which that movement refers at its beginning. In his late works, Tamas turned more and more to programmatic titles for his works. These often have a meditative character, corresponding to an increasing interest in philosophy on the part of the composer. Musik in der Dämmerung (Music at Twilight, 1979), for flute and piano, is a capricious piece with frequent tempo changes, and sometimes appears almost as if it had been improvised. The dialogue between the two instruments, however, is always worked out with utter precision, down to the smallest details. As almost always with Tamas, the work's moods encompass extremes of excitement, of apprehension and of jubilation, but also the most important mental state of all: that of a calm, inner peace.  


János Tamás (1936-1995)


Susanne Guthauser, Flöte, Hans Jürg Bättig, Klavier, Aargauer Bläserolisten, Adrian Zinniker, Klarinette, Stefan Läderach, Violine, Dario Viri, Viola, Regula Schüpbach, Violoncello, Arion Streichquartett, Stephan Lauper, Leitung.

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