Joe Haider's Eleven



New; District West; Für Maria Magdalena; Dear old Stuttgardia; In the mist of the Blues; A(n)ton al dente; Lebenslinien; Dancing with Eleven


At the age of 75, this pianist, composer and orchestra director still doesn't want to hear anything about softening into old age. Everyone who has anything to do with him will confirm it. And there were many of them on the Swiss jazz scene in recent decades. As the Director of the Swiss Jazz School in Berne, for many years the jazz teaching institution in the country, and as an active creative artist, Joe Haider was situated in the eye of the storm, so to speak. In his more than a decade at the SJS (1984-95) he brought a generation of students through their studies. One could fill books with the anecdotes that they can tell. But that's another story. What's much more important is that Joe Haider too is a gifted storyteller - not least because he has experienced so much jazz history himself. If you happen to meet him here or there, go and drink a coffee with him. Just make sure you've got enough time. You won't regret it.


Joe Haider


Bert Joris (Trompete, Flügelhorn), Andy Scherrer (Tenorsaxophon), Matthias Spillmann (Trompete, Flügelhorn), Daniel Blanc (Altsaxophon, Flöte), Thomi Geiger (Tenor- und Sopransaxophon, Alt-Klarinette), René Mosele (Posaune), Fabian Beck (Bassposaune, Tuba), Brigitte Dietrich (Piano, Vocal), Raffaele Bossard (Bass), Daniel Aebi (Schlagzeug), Joe Haider (Komposition und Arrangement, Piano Vibraphon)

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