Juon - Schoeck - Müller

Werke für Violoncello und Klavier


Paul Juon (1872-1940): Sonate a-Moll op. 54; Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957): Sechs Lieder op. 6, bearbeitet von Fabian Müller; Fabian Müller (*1964): Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier und Suite für Violoncello und Klavier


At first glance, the present programme of works, contrasting late-Romantic and contemporary Swiss composers, might seem odd. But once one knows that a creative engagement with the folk music of their respective homelands was for Paul Juon and Fabian Müller equally important, playing a role that was at times stylistically decisive, then it becomes clear that they have fundamental matters in common, however different their homelands might have been. Beyond their interest in sonata form, it is above all their adherence to tonality (or at least to tonal centres) that allows their biographical differences to dissolve and which helps their music to sound perceptibly close. In their instrumental training, both composers concentrated on a string instrument: Paul Juon on the violin, Fabian Müller on the cello. Othmar Schoeck stands here more or less as a mediator between Juon - the Romantic born in Russia and strongly influenced by its folk music traditions - and the latter-day Zurich composer. The late-Romantic Schoeck is known above all for his songs and operas, while his instrumental works are meagre in number. Fabian Müller here adds to them by transcribing his early songs op. 6 for cello and piano. They date from 1905 to 1907 and were written in Zurich, Brunnen and Leipzig.


Juon - Schoeck - Müller


Pi-Chin Chien, Violoncello, Adrian Oetiker, Klavier

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