Klaus Huber

Schwarzerde - Bühnenwerk in neun Sequenzen. Libretto von Michael Schindhelm in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Komponisten nach Gedichten und Prosatexten von Ossip Mandelstam.


In Klaus Huber's oeuvre (that now spans half a century), there appear time and again entire series or groups of compositions that are connected in a more or less discernible manner. These are mostly fed by overlapping ideas, and culminate in a greater work that in turn represents the sum total of the previous experiences. The works that revolve around the person and work of Osip Madelstam relate to one another in a similar way. The stage work Schwarzerde is the - provisional? - close of a development that began towards the end of the 1980s, and encompasses almost a dozen compositions.


Klaus Huber (*1924)


Bjorn Waag - Parnok, Kai Wessel - Knabe, Rosemary Hardy - Nadja, Elisabeth Hornung - Anna, Catherine Swanson - Natalja, Karl-Heinz Brandt - Offizier u.a.Chor des Theater Basel, Sinfonieorchester Basel, Arturo Tamayo, Dirigent.

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