La Suite

Hilaria Kramer Daniel Humair Florian Stoffner Pietro Leveratto


La Suite; Dark Red; Rainy But Shiny; Orange; Blue Ballad; Moon Tension; Lazy Blues; Harlem Nocturne; Crescendo; Reconversation; Large Talk; La Suite 2


The project with her new quartet featuring Daniel Humair (percussion), Pietro Leveratto (double bass) and Florian Stoffner (guitar) has been described by Hilaria Kramer roughly as follows: 'It's primarily compositions of our own that have been created off the cuff that lead this band into a lively, endlessly rich musical world somewhere between free and contemporary jazz. Inspired by the origins of improvised music, Florian Stoffner and I interpret rhythms and melodies far into the abstract, and these are skillfully supported by the world-famous percussionist Daniel Humair and the renowned Italian double bass player Pietro Leveratto. The result is a mixture of free music with explosive improvisatory interludes and lyrical themes that allow the audience easy access and can time and again surprise the listeners'.


Hilaria Kramer, Daniel Humair, Florian Stoffner, Pietro Leveratto


Hilaria Kramer, Trompete, Florian Stoffner, Gitarre, Daniel Humair, Schlagzeug, Pietro Leveratto, Kontrabass.

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