Les Délices de la Suisse

Gitarrenlieder aus der Schweiz


Ferdinand F. Huber (1791-1863): Drei Lieder aus "Schweizer Lieder" I/II, Zwei Lieder aus "Sammlung von Schweizer Kühreihen und Volksliedern", Zwei Lieder aus "Alpenrosen", Abendlied aus "Les Délices de la Suisse"; Bruno Zahner (*1919): Quatre Poésies de Verlaine; Jürg Wyttenbach (*1935): Laut Käfig - Ein Zyklus von 17 Haikus von Issa und anderen japanischen Dichtern; Ernst Widmer (1927-1990): Gráfico de la Petenera op. 21


Whoever wanted to become a musician in Ferdinand Huber's lifetime had to prove himself on what was at the time the fashionable instrument among the intellectuals - the instrument that smacked of freedom, brotherhood, simplicity, naturalness and folksiness. Huber's topics had their roots in the ideals and virtues of the Biedermeier, and dwell on the myth of rustic simplicity, frugality and religiosity: values that supposedly suggest themselves directly through the contemplation and cultivation of nature itself. Huber's song are here placed alongside three more recent, starkly contrasting song cycles, cycles that engage with today's existential trends of thought and which through their very choice of text alone withdraw themselves from Switzerland's geographical constraints. The music of Bruno Zahner comes to us in a quite different manner. His '4 Poésies' use the most economical of gestures to place the tender, internalised verbal metaphors of Verlaine in mysterious spaces saturated with atmosphere - spaces that can only be traversed hesitatingly, tentatively, and at other times as if following a distant light.


Various composers


Asako Motojima, Sopran, Tino Brütsch, Tenor, Christoph Jäggin, Gitarre.

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