Lieder von Schweizer Komponisten



Although the Lied for solo voice and piano was of only marginal importance in Switzerland, Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957), an ingeniously lyrical composer from Brunnen, developed it to a high artistic form. While he was initially greatly influenced by German Lied composers such as Brahms, Schubert and Wolf and inspired first and foremost by German poetry, Schoeck discovered his own, unmistakable musical language, rich in ardently warm melodies and expressive harmonies at the very onset of his production. Werner Wehrli (1892-1944), a composer from Aargau deliberately sought out a national style for Switzerland; his Lieder Mis Chindli (My child) (1908/09) and Im Bluescht I (Abloom) (1914), based on poems written in Swiss-German dialect by Sophie Hämmerli-Marti, a poet from Aargau, have thus become classics among Swiss dialect Lieder. Anny Roth-Dalbert (born 1900), a composer from the Grisons, also has a finely tuned ear for the Swiss-German dialect, which can lend a Lied a great deal of Swiss atmosphere. Greater pathos and a clearer indebtedness to German Romanticism than that of Schoeck are to be found in the Fiedelliedern op. 98 (Fiddle Songs) of Hans Huber (1852-1921), who was primarily active in the musical life of Basel. The Lieder composed by Hedy Salquin (born 1928) and Peter Mieg (1906-1990) attest to their impressive versatility. Hedy Salquin's Drei venezianische Inselgesänge, composed in July 1982, were the artist's musical and poetic expression of a powerful emotional experience during a stay in Venice. Mieg, a neoclassicist and an apparent champion of abstract tonal music, devoted only a small part of his energies to the intimate form of the song, - his particular preference was for chamber music, - these three short, late songs, composed around an easily accessible theme, bear testimony to Mieg's unusual originality in accompaniment. The three Lieder by the Hungarian composer, Jànos Tamàs (born 1936), a resident of the canton of Solothurn, are closer in spirit to Hedy Salquin's lyricism than to Mieg's polyphony. These early Lieder, plainly rooted in Hugarian soil, are rich in atmosphere and full in volume.


Lieder von Schweizer Komponisten


Hanna Matti (Mezzosopran),Christoph Demarmels (Klavier).

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