Lucerne Chamber Brass

Bauernmusik revisted


Bauernmusik um 1859, gespielt auf historischen Instrumenten; "Ländliche Tänze für 6 Bläser" von Ferdinand Lötscher (1842-1904); "Bauernmusik revisted" für Blechbläser-Quintett


Wherever Swiss folk music is mentioned, one automatically thinks of yodeling, the alphorn, or the so-called ‘ländler music’. As in many other places in Europe, the last of these is based on popular dance forms of the 19th century such as the polka, the waltz, the ‘Scottish’, mazurka or gallop. Although the same dance forms and similar melodies can be found in other Alpine regions, there developed in Switzerland an original manner of playing and a specific ‘dialect’ of interpretation that has hardly been investigated to the present day. This is particularly true of the so-called ‘Bauernmusik’ (‘peasant music’ or ‘farmer’s music’) of the 19th century, which can be regarded as a direct forerunner of ‘ländler music’. If one compares the folk music of today with iconographical documents from the 19th century, what strikes one in particular is the multiplicity of instruments that were used for dance music back then. This fact is proven by early recordings from the 1920s. The accordion dominates such ensembles today, but then it was often absent altogether, or was used primarily as an accompanying instrument. Instead, one finds bowed, plucked and brass instruments of all kinds.


Various composers


Lucerne Chamber Brass: Martin Bieri, Trompete, Basil Hubatka, Trompete, Philipp Schulze, Horn, Pirmin Rohrer, Posaune, Daniel Schädeli, Tuba. Gast: Dani Häusler, Klarinette.

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