Mario Beretta

Alpsegen - Lichtstücke - The Alphorn and the Sea


Since 1986, Mario has been working as a freelance conductor, pianist and composer, also writing music for stage and film. His compositions include the film music for Fredi Murer's Höhenfeuer (Mountain Fire), which won first prize at the International Film Festival in Locarno in 1985. For the official opening of the Expo.02, Beretta wrote the choral symphony A Song of Earth (for 800 participants) as a commission from the Seventh European Youth Music Festival. Referring to his composition 'Alpsegen' (Alpine Blessing) he writes: "With Alpine blessing I react to 'today' as I experience it. Rather than giving the most shrill portrayal possible of the suffering that is part of it (as often happens), I try to give sustenance to the yearning for those conditions that make a better world possible. I do this by using musical energy to impart the power to allow this yearning to happen, and to allow it to be fulfilled as far as possible. As a composer, it therefore seemed appropriate to try and render the language of music as comprehensible as possible, while taking into consideration contemporary, innovative possibilities of expression.


Mario Beretta (*1942)


Radio-Sinfonieorchester Prag, Bass-Bariton, Alexey Botvinov, Klavier, Matthias Kofmehl, Alphorn u.a.

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