Matthias Spillmann

100 Years of Songs


Milagre dos Peixes; Trinity; Geht leise; Sacramento; Light Blue; Someplace Called "Where"; The Man I Love; How About You; Die Flötenspielerin.


Matthias Spillmann and Pablo Held have prepared a repertoire for this wonderful album that covers a broad spectrum, not just in chronological terms but also geographically and stylistically. Nevertheless, the listener isn’t given the impression of listening to a medley of pieces that don’t hang together. The reason for this is that both musicians cultivate a manner of playing that is enlightened and serene, one whose origins are in the jazz tradition but that also reflects contemporary influences. In other words: these pieces are transported from their own time into the present without losing their essential colour. The playing of Spillmann and Held is characterised by the following:a great sense of animation, yet at the same time a lyrical unobtrusiveness; a natural sense of flow (closely related to their lyricism); a high degree of melodic inspiration; a progressive diversity of tone colours; a high degree of communicative interplay that is never loquacious.


Milton Nascimento; Matthias Spillmann; Walter Gieseking; Tony Scherr; Thelonious Monk; Wayne Shorter; George Gershwin; Burton Lane; Alban Berg.


Matthias Spillmann, Trompete; Pablo Held, Klavier.

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