Meier - Schostakowitsch - Wellesz

Liederzyklen für Bass und Klavier




The title of Jost Meier’s song cycle “In these sunny days…” is misleading, for the text continues immediately with: “let us go down into the shafts”. In fact, the texts all move downwards, into the realm of darkness, death, down into the earth – a place of decay as much as it is the starting point of life. It was perhaps this ambivalence that fascinated Rudolf Mazzola (bass) in the Jandl texts he chose. Mazzola found himself reflected in Jandl’s texts – the frailness of one’s body and of life itself, the obscenity of decay and the vulgarity of death that at the same time polarizes and paralyses the longing for infinite life. This is a journey into the winter of life, a Winterreise, coloured with bitterly black humour – a humour that is common to Meier and Mazzola and to Jandl. Mazzola felt it appropriate to couple the Jandl songs written for him by Jost Meier with two further small song cycles, neither of which are regarded as among the main works of the composer in question, but which in their melancholy, their black humour and their biting irony are ideally suited to the atmosphere of the Jandl texts.


Rudolf Mazzola (Bass), Paul Harris (Klavier).


Rudolf Mazzola (Bass), Paul Harris (Klavier).

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