Michael Pelzel



... vague écume des mers ...; Dance of the Magic Waterbells; Dance machine; Cosmic Swoosh; ... danses oniriques ...; ...par la brume flottante ...


“Just listen carefully! And let yourself be swept along!” is what one would most like to say about Michael Pelzel’s music, and then forgo any further commentary or attempt to talk about it. This is rare in contemporary music! Usually, there’s a lot that has to be explained, suitable metaphors have to be sought to try and convey what to listen for, and you have to keep telling the listener to try and be open to what the music can offer. As an organist, Pelzel regularly presents highly complex music to musical amateurs in church on Sundays, so such recommendations are superfluous in his case. Pelzel’s music shines like a burning iron, right from the moment it starts, and it often unfolds a raging energy such as we otherwise normally know only from free jazz, free improvised music or advanced rock. Nothing has to be explained at the outset. Instead, you can just let yourself go and enjoy this fire-trail in sound, and the extreme virtuosity of the music.


Michael Pelzel (*1978)


Quatuor Diotima; Collegium Novum Zürich; Peter Rundel, Leitung; Karolina Öhmann, Violoncello; Paolo Vignaroli, Flöten; klavierduo huber/thomet; Ensemble This / Ensemble That; Marino Formenti, Florian Müller, Klavier; Klangforum Wien; Enno Pope, Jean-Michaël Lavoie, Leitung.

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