Nicole Herzog meets Don Menza

That's Life - feat. Jesper Lundgaard, Johannes Herrlich, Oliver Kent and Bernd Reiter


I’m Hip; I’ll Be Around; I’m Just A Lucky So And So; Put The Blame On Mame; That’s Life; Blah Blah Blah; Mood Indigo; I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter.


"It's a source of special joy when you can experience how a young artist - in whose talent you've always believed - grows more mature with every new album, gaining in expressive power, refinement and warmth, and then at some point reaches a level that places her squarely on the scene with everyone else, but makes her impossible to miss." (Marcus A. Woelfle, Radio Jazznacht BR2)


Blossom Dearie; Alec Wilder; Duke Ellington/Mack David; Allan Roberts/Doris Fischer; Dean Kay/Kelly Gordon; George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin; Duke Ellington/Barney Bigard; Fred E. Ahlert/Joe Young.


Nicole Herzog (voc); Don Menza (ts, arr.); Johannes Herrlich (tb); Oliver Kent (p); Jesper Lundgaard (b); Bernd Reiter (dr).

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