Norbert Moret

Triptyque - Gastlosen - Mendiant du Ciel bleu


Triptyque pour les Fêtes; Gastlosen; Mendiant du Ciel Bleu


Deeply inspired while in Vienna as a student of the conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler and in Paris with the composers Arthur Honegger, René Leibowitz and Olivier Messiaen, Norbert Moret has authored one of the most accomplished musical oeuvres of our time - explosive, visionary, dreamy, even silent music. Norbert Moret, a Romantic? Certainly, in the sense that he is engaged completely with all his being, in a combat without truce or respite against (or with) the demons of the night, in the Schumannesque sense of doubting, of the abyss, of breakage. Religious? The titles of the works, and the works themselves make this audibly clear. However, 'pantheistic' would certainly be the most appropriate description. Each work is a spiritual exercise. Norbert Mortet is first and foremost - or, perhaps, in the final analysis a mystic. 'Tryptique pour les Fêtes' was commissioned by the Festival of Sacred Music in Fribourg, Switzerland, and first performed on 5 July 1990 by the Tallis Scholars in the Church of the Collège St.-Michel. 'The 'Gastlosen' are a mountain range on the border of my native Fribourg. Their beauty is absolutely magical, and one simply has to have seen these immense rockfaces. [...] It is enchanting, truly a magical world. (Norbert Moret) 'Beggar of the Blue Sky' are three visions to exorcize man. It was commissioned by the Pro Helvetia Foundation, and first performed on 26 June 1981 in the Church of the Collège Saint-Michel, Fribourg, for the five-hundredth anniversary of Fribourg's having joined the Swiss Confederation.


Norbert Moret (1921-1998)


The Tallis Scholars (Oxford), Peter Phillips, direction, Fritz Muggler, orgue, Béatrice Haldas, soprano, Phillippe Huttenlocher, baryton, Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, Hilversum, Maîtrise de Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens, Bulle, Choeur de femmes, Düdingen, Heiner Kühner, Catherine Moret, Claudia Schneuwly, orgues, Radio-Sinfonieorchester, Basel, Armin Jordan, direction

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