Peter Zihlmann & Lucerne Jazz Orchestra



Der Krieg und das Reduit; The Golden Age; Am Himmel staht es Sternli z


“Beromünster” – this was long the name of the Swiss national Radio station. It came to symbolize not just Swiss radio history, but the so-called “spiritual defence” of the country during the uneasy neutrality of the Second World War. “Beromünster” was also an educational and cultural institution spreading knowledge throughout the land. Even today – eight years after the Beromünster transmitter was finally turned off – the name still has something mythical about it, far beyond the national borders of Switzerland itself. At family gatherings when my uncles and aunts sit together, it doesn’t take long for them to return to the topic of “Radio Beromünster”, usually accompanied by remarks along the lines of “At mealtimes no one talked, because we were listening to Beromünster”. In today’s globalized world, in which everyone can pick up any radio station at will on his digital receiver, the idea of having a single, collective source of Information and entertainment seems almost to belong to the Stone Age. And yet it was just one or two generations ago. It was thanks both to a cultural project of the Albert Köchlin Foundation and to the resurrection of the national radio station as a free art museum (KKLB) that I came to compose my five-movement Beromünster Suite. It was given ist first performance in the former broadcasting studios of Radio Beromünster on 23 April 2016, and this is the performance to be heard on this CD. The Beromünster Suite is a homage to the legendary national radio station; the point of departure and source of Inspiration of its individual movements are the famous jingles and call signs of the former station.


Peter Zihlmann


Lucerne Jazz Orchestra: Karin Meier (voc); Thierry Kuster (as, fl); Tobias Pfister (ts, ss, cl); Rafael Schilt (ts, cl); Nils Fischer (bs, bcl); Dave Blaser (tp, flgh); Aurel Nowak (tp, flgh); Martial In-Albon (tp, flgh); Lukas Wyss (tb); Silvio Cadotsch (tb); Lucas Wirz (btb, tu); Samuel Leipold (g); Mischa Frey (b); Andreas Wettstein (dr); Peter Zihlmann (comp, arr, p, rhodes); David Grottschreiber (cond).

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