Racine / Molinari

TUBES Musiques composées et improvisées par Philippe Racineet Ernesto Molinari


Philippe Racine and Ernesto Molinari are both typical examples of the new breed of musical interpreter which came to the fore in various places in Switzerland during the 1980s. Their concerts - they have been playing together since 1979 - are a blend of free improvisations and highly determined opus music. They very soon became a well-established duo whose technical virtuosity on their instruments became as legendary as the humour and brilliance they brought to their music. The Racine/Molinari duo continue to show that the New Music is really not as difficult to understand as is commonly thought, but that it is all too often simply not played perfectly enough, and presented as if it had no connection with the act of performing. Early on, both musicians restricted themselves to the role of "performer". Within a very short time they also began increasingly to fit their own compositions into the programmes. These are singular examples of real musical clowning, as it were clog dances on the high wire: outwardly simple and immediately understandable, but at the same time presenting such highly technical instrumental challenges that even the slightest wrong note could have disastrous consequences...


Racine / Molinari


Philippe Racine (Flöten), Ernesto Molinari (Klarinetten).

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