René Wohlhauser



carpe diem in beschleunigter Zeit; Entropà­a; Gedankenflucht; Die Auflösung der Zeit in Raum; Musik für Flöte; Quantenströmung; Rachearie


I am concerned with writing music of high quality that is both protest and an outcry against general indifference. The degree of resistance to existing conditions finds expression in a radically individualistic means of writing, on a level of quality that is as high as possible but without any compromise; a music whose very character questions the taste of the masses and at the same time endeavours to touch men and women in a different manner.' (René Wohlhauser)


René Wohlhauser (*1954)


Arditti Quartett, Frank Cox, Violoncello, Martin Jaggi, Violoncello, Anton Kernjak, Klavier, Trio Accanto, Tabea Resin, Flöte, Sabeth Trio Basel, Christine Simolka, Sopran, René Wohlhauser, Klavier.

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