Schänner Blech-Füfermusig



Näfelser Schottisch; Zick Zack Polka; Uznacher Chilbi; Fastnachtsmarsch; Die Zierliche im Nachthemd; Federi Schottisch; Gruss aus dem Klöntal; Böttcher Polka; Hemmige zum Tanz; Rosalien Mazurka; Nimm fünf auf der Holzauktion; Näfelser Polka; Huba Schottisch XL; Schäniser Ländler; D'Timéa bim Bädälä; Zürcher Strandbadleben; Kinderschottisch; Schtazumiär


Brass dance Music Dance music for clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn, baritone horn and tuba was popular in the late 19th century in certain parts of eastern Switzerland. In Schänis in Canton St. Gallen, manuscript music, recordings and various Pictures of this genre and its performers are extant today. In the Region around Glarus and Sargans, we know from numerous pictures from the time that this genre was widely popular, and this is confirmed by its being mentioned in chronicles of different small towns and wind music associations. Furthermore, the Swiss folk music collector Hanny Christen visited the region and received music from the bands of Schänis and Flums for her to copy and keep in her collection. The Hanny Christen Collection is today regarded as a central documentary source for music-making in Switzerland between 1800 and 1940. Brass dance Music has since been largely forgotten in Switzerland. Current small wind bands called “Blaskapellen”, which probably emerged from similar small ensembles, are almost exclusively devoted to the Bohemian and Moravian music styles. The Swiss wind band associations were mostly influenced by military bands, and today they concentrate on playing symphonic wind music and/or popular music after the American model.


trad./Wilhelm Fuchs; trad./Alfred Fäh sen.; Astor Piazzolla, Mani Matter/Fabian Jud; Paul Desmond, Franz Meissen/Lorenz Stöckli; trad./Pat Ballard/Lorenz Stöckli; Tobias Zwyer; Heiri Meier/Alfred Fäh sen.; Ben Kinf, Leiber Jerry, Stoller Mik/Tobias Zwyer.


Schänner Blech-Füfermusig

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