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Festival 2016


Ländler; Nünix; Trois Jeunes Filles; Freitag der 18te; Le Ranz des Vaches; Die Rächer von Miglieglia; Ausschnitt aus "Still und unendlich weit"; Palace; Zalpgah; Me söttid go; Meitlin von Blofelden tanz&Nachdantz; La pulce d


What makes a vintage year? What does the 2016 vintage of Swiss folk music taste like? 27 hours of live recordings from the Zurich Tonhalle have been put in the wine press and have here been reduced to 80 minutes of music: 20 tracks by 19 different ensembles are the result. This selection offers 19 different approaches to tradition, and illuminates the question as to what our folk music today really is. Folk music is a cultural heritage that has grown up over thousands of years, nourished by the topography of Switzerland and by the life and love for music of our predecessors. Every generation passes on the fruits of the generations before it, and adds its own life experiences to the mix. All kinds of things are tried out and tested, and even the blues is ground up among the glaciers until it comes out singing à la Suisse. Here, then, are the main characteristics of 2016.


Pirmin Huber; Markus Flückiger; traditional; Christoph Pfändler; Fränggi Gehrig; Domenic Janett/Ramona Benz; Robin Mark; Patricia Draeger; Angelo Branduardi; Töbi Tobler/Christoph Pfändler; Guggenheim, Strüby, Kirchhofer; Gabriel Käslin; Franziska Wigger/Hanspeter Wigger/Mihaly Horvath.


Ländlerorchester 2016; Ambäck; Kristina Fuchs Röseligarte; Hujässler; Jütz & Shakulimba; Christoph Pfändler

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