Thierry Lang

featuring David Linx: Colors of Time


Welcome to the World; My Season; Guardian Angel (Angel 42); When we hold Hands; The Time is now; Let’s bloom; Reminiscing of the Days; September Child; Autumn should be prepared; Beyond the Horizon of Time; Everything’s been told; Gone today; Hope


It does not happen often in the life of a jazz musician that he is entrusted with a project of this magnitude. Thanks to the open mind of the choral and orchestral conductor Jean-Claude Fasel, it is a dream that we have been able to realize. For many years I have been fascinated by uniting the worlds of classical music and jazz. After long reflection I became convinced that the common thread that unites these two worlds is melody. It was thus from this starting point that I embarked upon my work as a composer here, writing eleven original melodies for the occasion and taking up again two works from my repertoire. The four sections with three compositions each symbolize both the four seasons and the most significant periods in a life. The first is a period of carefreeness, of discovery, namely the happy period of my childhood. The second draws on my years full of romanticism and of the wild ideas that we have as we become adults. The third symbolizes the moment in life when we realize that we can harvest the fruits of what we once have sown. The fourth, finally, takes us on the path of maturity, when we take stock of things and reminisce" (Thierry Lang).


Thierry Lang


Thierry Lang, piano, David Linx, voix, Mattthieu Michel, bugle, trompette, Heiri Känzig, contrebass, André Ceccarelli, batterie, L, Orchestre de chambre Fribourgeois, Jean-Claude Fasel, direction, Michel Herr, Arrangements. 

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