Urs Bollhalder Trio



Light Forged; Sea Me!; Jerusalem City Lights; Cyclogenesis; Lies Within; Bentu Maestru; Barren Wasteland; Lyxo; The Navigator; Wraith’s Sorrow; Sons and Fathers.


In 2010, at a concert in Frauenfeld, the three musicians Urs Bollhalder, Heiri Känzig and Kevin Chesham gave their first performance as a trio. For many in the audience – and for the band itself – this was a unique experience and can be regarded as the moment that the Urs Bollhalder Trio was born. All the pieces on this CD were composed by Urs Bollhalder and provide the basis for a unique mixture of exciting contemporary interplay, fiery grooves and sensuously lyrical passages. The individual pieces tell musical stories all around the topic of the sea. The way in which composition and improvisation flow into one another is wholly organic on this recording. and is one of the strengths of the trance-like communication between these three musicians.


Urs Bollhalder


Urs Bollhalder, Klavier; Heiri Känzig, Kontrabass; Kevin Chesham, Schlagzeug.

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