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Panorama popolare ticinese


Il maggio; La monighella; I soldati van via; Al Cioss; Fand d’Arvès; Katia; Polca brillante; Bofa ul vent; Suite 4 monfrine; Oh Ninign; Bunasera; Di là del ponte di Bignasco; Otobre; Cüna e Patüsc; Ul Ghèll; Poneta e Péss; Sisina; Chitarra ticinese; Malcantone Belcantone; Serenada incantada.


Panorama of Ticino folk music - In Canton Ticino, the concept of “new folk music” – which is the topic of this CD series by musiques suisses – has no real significance. The musicians themselves would find the definition “musica tradizionale contaminata” more apt – in other words, “contaminated traditional music”. But the selection of music on the present CD shows that there is in fact much that is new for us to discover on the folk music scene of the Ticino, just as on the “new folk music” scene in German-speaking Switzerland. All the groups to be heard here draw on their own tradition in some way or other, pouring the metaphorical wine of their music and songs into new, contemporary bottles. They do this either by using a particular type of instrumentation, thereby creating a new type of ensemble for their music; by making special arrangements; or by composing new works inspired by their traditions or their regional landscapes. Elements from other music cultures or genres are also allowed to flow into their music. Vocal music occupies a dominant place in Ticino folk music, which has a large number of songs of all kinds. Some of these, such as ballads and other narrative songs, were adopted from Italy itself and thus have Italian texts. Then there is also a large number of song texts in the local Ticino dialects that have been passed down in an oral tradition across the generations, or which have been committed to paper by Ticino poets or musicians. Ticino folk musicians aren’t pure instrumentalists, but are also always singers too, and in some cases singer-songwriters.


traditional; Mauro Garbani; Davide Zoppellari; Ilario Garbani-Marcantini; Nicola Maspoli, Piazza Pomée/Sergio Maspoli; Marco Zappa; Marco Zappa/Sergio Maspoli; Luigi De Marchi; Luigi De Marchi/Fernando Grignola.


Vox Blenii; Vent Negru; Duo di Morcote; Giangol; Aria Fina; La Cantora; Verbanus; Nicola Maspoli e Piazza Pomée; Marco Zappa, Renata Stavrakakis, Ginger Poggi & Guests; I Bagiöö; Cantori di Pregassona diretti da Luigi De Marchi.

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