World of Strings



Blue C; Griet; Unison; MHF; Pyhä; Bassafon; Carib 5; Harp; 6/8 Folk.


Rätus Flisch has often delighted in making music with the two string players Adam Taubitz and Daniel Pezzotti, in variously constituted ensembles. In the course of this, the idea emerged of putting a purely acoustic music on stage in the form of a string trio. Flisch took the idea further and wove his compositions into a subtle carpet of sounds on which these excellent musicians seem to hover, supported by the versatile Michael Bucher and the percussionist Claudio Spieler. But however high they soar, they always have their feet firmly on the ground.


Rätus Flisch


Adam Taubitz, Violine; Daniel Pezzotti, Violoncello; Claudio Spieler, Perkussion; Michael Bucher, Akustische Gitarren, Kalimba, Harmonika; Rätus Flisch, Kontrabass.

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