Yves Theiler Trio

Dance In A Triangle


For Bass; Day By Day; Book Of Peace; Dance In A Triangle; In A Way It’s Nothing; Caravan Change; Over There Is Another One


The muse knows no borders for Swiss pianist and composer Yves Theiler. While primarily focused on the jazz universe, the 28-yearold’s pieces seamlessly integrate minimalist and world music influences. They’re also infused with kinetic, playful energy and propulsive rhythms. Dance in a Triangle, recorded with his trio featuring bassist Luca Sisera and Drummer Lukas Mantel, captures a depth of vision far beyond Theiler’s years, He sees his music – and in fact, all music – as a way of connecting people and cultures that no other art form is capable of. “I strongly believe music is a spiritual vehicle because music itself is 100 percent peaceful,” said Theiler. “Music is a gift that helps make it clear that life is precious. This is what I want to communicate in my work. I want to make people feel alive. I want it to touch people. I want listeners to fly in a flow of their own feelings.”.


Yves Theiler


Yves Theiler, Piano, Wurlitzer; Luca Sisera, Bass; Lukas Mantel, Drums.

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