Soul Tango Invasion


Escualo; Libertango; El dia que me quieras; Fratello; In the Box; Milongology; Caruso; Rock on, Mike!; For both of You


"... My idol, the bandoneon player, composer and great innovator of the Argentinian tango, Astor Piazzola, shocked the tango world in the 1950s when he presented well-loved tango classics in daring new arrangements. These were enriched by many jazz elements and were highly modern for their day. They were often recomposed from the bottom up, with the original melodies in some cases barely recognizable any more. Astor’s music caused a real outcry in the tango world, which was mostly populated by conservative purists. In the course of his career, Piazzolla opened up the boundaries of the tango to incorporate jazz, classical music and jazz/rock. And yet he always remained true to himself, for he loved all these styles and brought them together as a result of an inner need. Our music is conceived in just this spirit" (Michael Zisman).




Michael Zisman, Bandoneon; Sebastien Fulgido, akustisdche und elektronische Gitarren, Vocals; Matthieu Michel, Flügelhorn; William Evans, Keyboards; Wolfgang Zwiauer, E-Bass; Billy Cobham, Schlagzeug

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