Terms and conditions

Shipping costs

Costs per delivery in Switzerland : CHF 5.-
Costs per delivery in Europe: CHF 7.-
Costs per delivery Overseas: CHF 10.-
There is no minimum order value defined.

Exchange or return of sound carriers is not possible for copyright reasons. The only grounds for exchange are incorrect delivery or manufacturing defect of the delivered CDs.
Liability on the goods supplied is limited to a replacement delivery. Claims for rescission of contract or reduction in payment will not be considered provided a replacement delivery can be made within a reasonable period of time.

In case an incorrect delivery has been carried out, either with incorrect contents or malfunctioning CDs Musiques Suisses needs to be informed immediately. The incorrect delivery needs to be sent back to Musiques Suisses within 8 days (date of postage stamp). In case the CDs have been damaged in transit Musiques Suisses needs to be notified within 48 hours, if not the claim for free replacement is void. In case the merchandise has not been returned or in case no damages can be found on the returned goods, the buyer bears the costs of the replacement delivery. Musiques Suisses reserves the rights to reject and/or not carry out improper, incomplete or fraudulent orders. The business activities of Musiques Suisses are based exclusively on Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

Payment options

You can profit from secure and safe payment with VISA, POSTCARD or MASTERCARD/EUROCARD. In order to carry out the payment we do need the name as displayed on the credit card, your address, the number and validity date of the card used.

Safety and data protection

To process your credit card purchases, we work with secure SSL Internet connections and the payment system Saferpay of the company 3 C-Systems AG. All of your customer data, i.e. card number, name and address are encrypted in the Internet and then transferred unreadable for others.
From then on your data is handled on a secure server environment, ensuring a high safety standard.
In addition to the encryption of credit card data online each transaction is authorized by the card issuer (Visa or MasterCard / Euro Card). So blocked or incorrect data cannot be used.
In the unlikely event that somebody tries to commit fraud with your data and credit card information, you can lodge a complaint within one month of receiving the credit card monthly statement from your card issuer. Follow the instructions provided by your card issuer and inform in writing. Unfair charges which were triggered with your card at Musiques Suisses will be reimbursed by the card issuer.
We commit to treat your data confidentially in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA).