Göggelibüez; Kanonenrock; Bob Ross; Couloir; Aufwind; Böller; Plast; Stai Lucs; 7. Jazzduett; Choke; Anker; Tammtarap; Selfmade Parachute; Gas-Duster; Immergrün; Chips; Zigzag


Tenor sax, trombone and percussion: an ensemble as dry as crispbread and a sound as firm and compact as a mango. The trio 'tré' unites opposites within itself and offers proof of transformational abilities that make an amoeba seem like a beginner. The third 'tré' CD, 'Aufwind', gathers everything together that makes 'tré' what it is, in concise statements of one to five-and-a-half minutes at most, and in a dynamic spectrum from 'bolshy' to 'butter wouldn't melt in their mouths'. This is pure music from every possible source, with chippings from the Renaissance via mardi gras to pop, and - yes - even jazz.


Various composers


tré: Christian Niederer, Schlagzeug, Thomas Lüthi, Tenorsaxophon, Bernhard Bamert, Posaune.

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